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Metal Injection Molding in the medical sector: new report published

8th Mar, 2017

The March 2017 issue of PIM International magazine features an in-depth report on the continuing development of Metal Injection Molding (MIM) in the medical sector.

The 15-page report, entitled Metal Injection Molding: Building on solid foundations in the medical sector, covers market trends, MIM applications and materials both regionally and globally, as well as discussing the challenges facing further growth in the sector. It also includes insight from industry experts from Asia, Europe and North America.

The medical sector is a market rich with potential for MIM producers globally. In recent decades, the ability to produce high volumes of precision components using MIM has seen its use grow across the medical sector. First embraced by the North American medical device industry, where the combined medical/dental sectors now account for an estimated 32% of MIM shipments, MIM is now also being used to varying extents by the medical device industry in Europe and China.

PIM International’s report explores the market potential and challenges faced by MIM producers in supporting the differing needs of private and socialised healthcare across these regions. Through award-winning component examples and insight from industry experts, the report examines the ways in which such needs are being met by industry innovators, and highlights lucrative potential pathways for producers to build on going forward.

As the material range available for Metal Injection Molding continues to grow and evolve to suit a variety of needs, the range of available markets grows to match. This report reveals some of the ways in which a growing material range has opened new pathways for MIM producers into the medical device industry. From Metal Injection Molding’s early use in the production of endoscopy instruments to its use in a new generation of implant applications, the report also covers the complex challenges of industry standards and component qualification which MIM producers at the cutting edge of the medical device industry now face.

Metal Injection Molding producers are well positioned to take full advantage of the trends and demands of the medical sector and producers have the opportunity to be first to market in a field which promises a high stability of order volumes. PIM International’s report highlights the factors giving industry leaders cause for optimism alongside the need for continued technology development in response to market requirements.


A surgical scalpel handle manufactured using Metal Injection Molding technology