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Automotive applications
Many MIM parts do their job in automotive applications without being noticed. By using the advantages of Metal Injection Molding in creating complex and lightweight shapes with high temperature resisting alloys it is possible to develop parts in highest performance engine areas like in the fuel injection, combustion or valves.

Thanks to the MIM-design the production process could be realised more efficiently and also more economic. The masses of the automotive parts to be moved could be also reduced significantly. As a result the performance could be increased.

MIM Parts for Automotive

Industrial applications
The use of MIM parts for industrial applications is spread in nearly every sector. Parts can be produced without any additional processing by MIM technology.

The MIM technology compared to other manufacturing processes can be considered in this application as the most effective production method – either from the functional and also from the cost side.

Industrial MIM Parts
Consumer electronics
PC, notebooks, cell phones, headsets, earphones and other consumer electronic devices reach a premium quality impression if they are equipped with metal parts in high grade surface conditions made by MIM. Furthermore the endurance of those devices can considerably be extended if i.e. plastic keys are replaced by metal parts.

There is a tendency that the described application is used more and more in high end automobiles by replacing also plastic components with lightweight MIM parts which have additionally the often required cool touch

MIM Parts for Consumer electronics
Medical applications
A vast application of MIM parts in the medical sector are medical devices and instruments. Thanks to the endless design possibilities in MIM, the components can be shaped according to the requirements or the doctors. Ergonomically shapes become more and more important but also smooth or anti-slipping surfaces are required for or optical or safety reasons.  Additionally the instruments can be designed already with the minimum weight necessary.

Mainly the instruments are realised in stainless steel – therefore they can easily be sterilised and repeatedly been used. Due to safety regulations more and more also single use instruments become popular.

MIM parts in the medical industry can be also used as implants i.e. clamps, bone screws and artificial articulations. Titanium is here the most used material.

Medical MIM Parts