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China’s MIM industry holds third Metal Injection Molding Seminar, looks ahead to World PM2018

4th Nov, 2017

China Metal Injection Molding Seminar


China’s 3rd Metal Injection Molding Seminar and Industrial Forum was held from October 27-29, 2017, in Dongguan, Guangdong Province.

Organised by the China Powder Metallurgy Alliance (CPMA), China Steel Construction Society, the Powder Metallurgy Department of the Chinese Society for Metals and Shanghai IRIS Exhibitions Service Co., Ltd., the event was hosted by Dr Han Wei, Secretary General of the CPMA and included an address by Qu Xuanhui, from the Chinese Society for Metals.

According to the organisers, more than two hundred experts and visitors from the Metal Injection Molding (MIM) industry attended the event, where a number of technical and business focused presentations were made. Topics discussed during the event included the technology available for Powder Injection Molding, emerging issues in practical applications for PIM and future trends and prospects for MIM technology.

Looking ahead to World PM2018, the World Conference on Powder Metallurgy, which is set for Beijing in September 2018, Wei reported that the preparations for the event are well underway. This will be the first time that a PM World Congress has been held in China.

Dr Han Wei revealed that the conference will comprise eight conference sessions and that the first will be a Metal Injection Molding (MIM) session and the seventh a China-Switzerland Advanced Materials (Additive Manufacturing) forum session.